The Beast that is Nicotine

The Beast that is Nicotine

I’d like you to be aware of what is really going on in your mind and body when you smoke. I often find that it is better visualized in a way that produces a graphic picture in your mind. Visualization is an incredible tool for change. 

Use it to see, hear, and feel what is happening. In this case, I want you to be aware of nicotine as that ‘BEAST’ that lurks within you from the first cigarette that you ever forced yourself to take (and you did have to force it down; everyone did). 

That is the Beast that sits somewhere within you (head, throat, chest, hands; it is always somewhere) and regular as clockwork starts to wind you up. It is there saying ‘feed me! feed me!’ and the longer you leave it, the louder it gets ‘FEED ME! FEED ME!’ Until you have no choice (bear that in mind, no choice), find some way to feed the Beast. Does that ring a bell? All of a sudden, this Beast is the most important thing in your life. Whatever you are doing becomes less.  

•Your Children, who cares, I’ve got to leave them and go outside and smoke, what excuse can I make?

•Your Partner, they’ll understand why I’m leaving them, to come back, smelling bad but more pleasant than I am now, I’m irritable.

•Your work, whatever I’m doing, is not important because I’m struggling to think about it now. Let’s make an excuse for a break. And so on. Your job now is to feed the Beast; nothing else matters. Is that choice? How does it really look to the ones you love? Is it efficient? How much time do you actually lose?

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Redemption — you can escape the Beast, and it can be much easier than you expected.

It only takes two to three days for nicotine to leave your system. Yes, you heard right, two to three days, and you are free of all of the physical and mental symptoms of addiction to nicotine. You don’t believe me! You’ve given up before, and a month later, you were still struggling. That has nothing to do with nicotine.

It is entirely the thought processes that have been left in your mind through years of making excuses as to why you feed the Beast. It is what the Beast has left in your subconscious mind as a trap for you. However, you can beat that trap by merely being aware of the thinking that the Beast has left and why it is a wrong process. By being aware of the rules of the game. But, I’ve been gaining stress relief, relaxation, concentration, relief from boredom, etc. from the Beast! Have you really? Consider carefully what happens when that Beast gets hungry.

Are you really stressed because of the situation or because the Beast is shouting ‘FEED ME!’ at you. Is your life completely stress-free, with no arguments, lots of time for the people you love, concentration to spare, and more? No!

But is that not what the Beast has promised you? This Beast is very smart; why else would you have smoked for so long? It makes you believe you are gaining something while all the time was taking away. Taking a lot while giving back a small part of what it’s taken to make you believe you have gained, nasty.

However, remember that you are rid of nicotine and the addiction entirely within two to three days of stopping. Now, it is about preparing for those two or three days to get through them, and maybe even enjoy them. 

Exercise 2-Starving the BEAST Preparation This is the key to achieving success. Remember the statement ‘expect the best, prepare for the worst.’ Plan now for the perceived issues because if you expect them, you will get them, but if you have a plan to deal with them, you can forget them.

Cage — You should be aware that the Beast has kept you in a cage over the years; it has had its claws into you. So now you will see yourself come out of the cage, grab the Beast, throw it back in its own cage, and lock the door. Over the next three days, you can then celebrate starving the Beast. Watch it get smaller and smaller. You may hear it scream louder for a while, but this is a reason to celebrate more as you are winning. After three days, that noise will have disappeared. 

Boredom — Often, when you’ve smoked 20 plus a day for years, you don’t know what to do with the extra hour and a half plus you have left in your day (yes, you lose an hour and a half each day). Plan now for what will help you achieve your goal. Unique work project, reading, music, a cup of tea, walking, whatever suits you. 

Headaches — There can be physical symptoms associated with withdrawal from any drug. Nicotine is a drug. Make sure you have a supply of paracetamol or your other favorite pain killer to see you through those three days. Take them regularly; you will feel better for them. Use them as a tool for success; don’t wait for the pain to start; kill it from the beginning. 

Grumpy — If you feel this may happen to you, talk to the people around you. Advise them to expect a bit of grumpiness but that you would appreciate their support. You will do your best to be pleasant (positive) if they can do their best to support you. 

Affirmations – set up some affirmations to say regularly throughout the day that focus on your achievement. Count down the days, have a different affirmation for each day. 

Exercise 3Preparation List the areas you believe will help you be confident that you can starve the BEAST and feel good about it simultaneously. Remember to add celebrations each day, and maybe even a reward at the end of the three days. Set three affirmations up, one for each day. Remember that without Actionnothing changes. Put in place the actions you need to prepare for stopping and use them.


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