Quit Smoking While Pregnant

quit smoking if pregnant

Allow me to first congratulate you on your pregnancy, and secondly on taking responsibility to provide the best health for your baby and yourself, by finding ways to effectively quit smoking while pregnant.

The best course of action would be a natural quit smoking method, as nicotine replacement therapies are not an option for pregnant women, as they can still cause damage to your baby (such as low birth weight, premature birth, miscarriages and stillbirths). Some women may feel that cutting back on their smoking habit is sufficient, but the truth is, that just one smoked cigarette will significantly tighten blood vessels and reduce the blood supply to their baby.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective option for women who are pregnant and desire to quit smoking easily. Sessions can be conducted in a group setting, one on one, and even in the privacy of your home.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) a type of hypnotherapy, and is known to be a safe, natural and an effective way to quit smoking quickly. It focuses on dealing with nicotine cravings, and helps to rid your body (physically and psychologically) of this addiction without harming your unborn child.

Acupuncture is a natural option that has been effective for some individuals, with the cost ranging from $80 to $100 per session, and this may be a hindrance for many people.

Other natural ways to effectively quit smoking while pregnant, would include keeping a bunch of drinking straws nearby, in order to keep your hands busy and mouth distracted by chewing on them.

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Sugar-free hard candies are also a good aid to help a pregnant women kick the habit for good.

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Another great (and effective) tip would be to walk around a mall (or any other smoke-free location) while drinking from a water bottle. The exercise is important, in addition to being a distraction, and drinking water will not only be refreshing, but it helps you and your baby stay hydrated.

Mental and physical distractions are needed during this time, so it is advised to stay as busy and occupied as possible.

If you are unable to find natural ways to effectively quit smoking while pregnant, reach out to the American Cancer Society (877-937-7858), and they would be happy to provide you with phone counseling, and other information to help you stay on track and achieve your quit smoking goal.

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