Prevent weight gain after you quit smoking

prevent weight gain after you quit smoking

So you decided to quit smoking. Good for you, you are literally saving your life. One problem with quitting smoking though, and many have found this, is the fact that you gain weight when you stop smoking. One reason for this is because the nicotine cravings are substituted with cravings for food.

You have to gain weight after you quit smoking and if you follow these steps, it won’t happen.

1. The obvious solution is to just stop eating as much. When you quit smoking, your body will begin to need less calories. If you keep eating the same level you did before you quit, you will gain weight. To keep this from happening, lower the amount of sugar you eat, and look for low-fat products. Try and eat lean meat if you do and look at your servings and cut them back by about 20 per cent.

2. If you are going to keep the weight off, you need to exercise. This is just common sense and it needs to be done. You don’t need to exercise every single day and if you push yourself to do so at first, you are doomed to failure. Instead, look at doing 30 minutes of exercise, three times per week. Doing this will help to shake off the pounds and keep them off.

3. One problem those who quit find is that they have a craving and they want a cigarette in their hands. To offset this, they begin eating food to help take their mind off the craving. the problem here is that it causes you to gain weight and we want to avoid that. Rather than filling the craving with food, look for a way to occupy your minds and hands. Play with something in your hands, even just a pencil, draw something, play a video game, chew on a carrot or gum. These are all good ways to keep your mind off the problem of wanting to smoke.

4. If you really want to remove the craving but can’t think of anything to do with your hands, just get an e-cigarette. These are electronic cigarettes that function like a cigarette but don’t have all the things in it that will kill you. It gives you the feel of a cigarette without the damage to the lungs. Additionally, this prevents you from going for the food.

5. Find other people like yourself who are quitting smoking, or at the very least have a quit-smoking buddy. Their job is to not only keep you from smoking, but keep you from eating as well. They are your support and you should use them whenever you can.

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