Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

stop smoking natural ways

Making a decision to quit smoking is easy, but actually following through with the process may be mentally paralyzing. There are many types of nicotine replacement therapies that can aid your smoking cession efforts, but many individuals may want to start living healthy right away, and want to quit smoking by natural (non-chemical) efforts.


Hypnosis can be an effective aid in quitting smoking naturally. In fact, in a recent study, 40% of individuals that participated in hypnotic sessions once a week (over an 8 week period) had successfully quit smoking. In a separate study, it was found that men were more successful than women when using hypnosis as a quit smoking aid.


It seems that certain foods increase the desire for enjoying a cigarette (such as red meats), and the healthierthe food (such as vegetables, fruits and dairy products),the more foul cigarette taste. This information is certainly “food for thought”.


We are all aware that there is strength in numbers. Whether it is facing a school bully, exercising or kicking a bad habit,it is a great idea to grab a buddy or two for moral support. So find yourself a group meeting and “buddy up”, and increase your chances of quitting smoking successfully by 50%. This is not something you need or should do alone.


Personally, I am a huge fan of massages. When we think of massages, we usually think of “full body” massages that last an hour or more, and can be costly. These types of massagesare a great source of stress relief, but don’t discount the two minuteself-massages that are available at your fingertips, at any given time. When individuals rubbed their hands and ears several times a day, for approximately 30 days, they didn’t smoke as much (according to a study conducted at the University of Miami). The other added benefit is that because your hands are engaged in another activity, it is impossible to strike a match or flick a lighter.

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Acupuncture treats all the symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal (such as restlessness, irritability and cravings), and focusing on detoxifying and re-balancing the body to achieve optimal health.

The hair-thin needles are inserted (superficially) into various points of the body, including the ears, and many acupuncture clients have said that the treatments reduced their desire to smoke.In between full treatment sessions, small pellets may be taped to certain pressure points on the ear, and when a craving hits, the client would gently press the pellet to relieve stress and reduce the nicotine craving.

As with all of the above natural ways to quit smoking, they are not a “magic pill”, as the only way that any of these treatments will work successfully is with your deep desire to kick the habit of smoking.

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