The Main Types Of Cancer Caused By Smoking

Main Types Of Cancer Caused By Smoking

It is well documented that there are many different types of cancer caused by smoking and that the longer (and more) you smoke, the more likely you are to become a victim to these cancers. But what are the main types of cancer that can develop when you are a smoker? What symptoms should you be looking out for? Are these cancers treatable, or could they be fatal? Here, we are going to talk about all of these factors so that you can be better informed and find out why smoking can be so fatal for you.

You may be aware of lung cancer caused by smoking, you may even be aware of throat cancer that is caused by smoking. But did you know that there is actually a whole list of cancers that can be linked to smoking, and any of them can affect you and your family unless you give up smoking.

So what are these cancers and where can they occur?

Lung Throat
Nasal Cavity Stomach
Bladder Oesophagus

As you can see, it is not just the places that the smoke actually comes into contact with but the whole of your body can be subjected to this horrible disease unless you do something about it and change your lifestyle. The worst part is that by developing one cancer caused by smoking, you are more likely to have that cancer spread around your body as your immune system will have been partially destroyed by the amount of smoking you have done throughout your life.

When it comes to smoking and cancer, most people will say that they don’t care, that “we all have to go some way” or that they think they will beat the odds. But this is a very narrow view of cancer as it doesn’t just affect you. It affects your whole family. When you are ill, someone needs to look after you, when you have doctors appointments someone needs to take you there. When you are suffering horrendous chemo side effects someone needs to help feed you, keep you hydrated and keep you warm. If you have a loved one who you don’t want to put through all of this, then you might want to think about how giving up smoking is not just benefiting you, but is befitting the whole of your family and the loved ones around you.

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