Lung Cancer And Smoking – Why Does It Happen?

Lung Cancer And Smoking

For many years people have known the dangers of lung cancer and smoking. It has been well documented for years, but that doesn’t always deter people from smoking. Although people are well aware of the risks, they are still content to continue smoking and try to turn a blind eye to the dangers. If this sounds like you or someone you know, then maybe you should think about what lung cancer could really mean for you and your family. Who knows, you may even be encouraged to build up some willpower and give up smoking for once and for all.

The terms lung cancer and smoking go hand in hand and if you have been smoking for some years then you are probably aware of the fact that you could be putting yourself at risk of lung cancer every time you light up. Some people try to ignore the fact that they may develop cancer. Some people don’t seem to care and some even think that they will beat the odds and not develop cancer at all. But how does lung cancer actually come about? Why is it that smokers are so much more susceptible to it?

Inhaling toxic substances

Well, it is mainly down to the tar that you inhale with every cigarette. This tar goes down into your lungs and blocks up the small parts of your lungs which are normally reserved for storing oxygen. When you inhale nicotine, it suppresses the immune system making your body more susceptible to disease and illness. When your body can’t fight off cancer and the tar is stopping your lungs from working how they should, the result is lung cancer.

So how do you make sure that lung cancer doesn’t affect you? Well, that’s simple, you just need to give up smoking. Even if you have been smoking for years and you are already finding that health-related problems are affecting you, the body is a very clever thing and will start to heal itself after you have given up. Many people find they have chest pain and hacking coughs after they give up smoking. This is simply your body expelling all the toxins and bad elements in your body so that it can start to regenerate and become healthier. It is never too late to give up smoking, especially when it can have such a huge impact on your future and how much longer you are going to live.


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