I Need to Quit Smoking

I Need to Quit Smoking

Smoking is not an easy addiction for anyone to quit. Quitting takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work. It also takes a bit of resilience because there are times when you feel as though your entire world can cave in without one more puff of a cigarette. However, one more puff often leads to a whole cigarette that, in turn, leads to an entire pack of cigarettes. You will be worse off than you were before you began to think about quitting. That is why many people never quit smoking.

I know these trials and tribulations that smokers go through because I am a chain smoker trying to quit this nasty habit, but quitting is not easy. I keep telling myself that I need to quit smoking, but I light up another cigarette as soon as I finish talking. Here are some of the reasons why quitting has been hard for me.

Lack of Enough Will Power to Quit

Smoking has been a part of my life for the past decade. I started smoking in my late teens, and since then, I never stopped. I have tried quitting several times, but my craving for another cigarette overpowers me each time. However, I recently learned a few things that may give me the necessary drive I need to quit smoking cigarettes. I now know that eight out of every ten people with lung cancer got it because of their smoking addiction. That is a baffling statistic, and I do not want to be part of it by continuing to smoke.

I Smoke to Relieve My Stress

I always light up a cigarette whenever I feel stressed. I feel as though it helps me to calm down and reflect on my circumstances. However, I realized that smoking does this by elevating my heart rate and altering other physiological processes in my body. That means that I can quickly develop heart disease or other bodily complications because of smoking. In other words, smoking does not relieve my stress even though I may feel like it does. Instead, smoking destroys my body, and in so doing, it will cause me a lot of stress in the future when I have to pay medical bills to deal with the adverse effects of smoking.

Smoking Is Cool or So I Thought

As mentioned earlier, I started smoking in my late teens when everybody thought it was cool to smoke in my year. We thought it was cool because movie stars would always light up a cigarette during a movie. Well, now, I am wiser. Smoking is not cool. It kills millions of people each year, and worse still, it even kills those who do not smoke. For example, did you know that thirty-one percent of those who die because of second-hand smoking are children? How then can smoking be cool when it kills so many kids? I need to quit smoking now. I do not want to be part of something that harms children or any other person.

Now I fully understand the dangers of smoking, and I am determined to quit. I will not risk my health or the health of those around me for a single puff of a cigarette or an entire pack of cigarettes. My thoughts have never been so clear. I will do whatever it takes to quit smoking. I will start today. My love for my family, friends, and colleagues will see me through the trials and tribulations that are yet to come. Join me, and we can quit together.

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