How to Quit Smoking Now

How to Quit Smoking Now

Many people still smoke in today’s society. Unfortunately, many of them do not fully understand the adverse effects of smoking on their bodies. They erroneously believe that smoking is okay because the government has not outlawed it. That gives them a false sense of security, even when the facts clearly show that smoking is one of the most harmful humans activities ever devised. Smoking is the leading cause of death from preventable diseases in the world. Here are a couple of reasons why you should quit smoking now.

Reduce Your Risk of Developing a Heart Disease

Smoking involves the inhalation of smoke that, in turn, goes into your respiratory system. Many organs make up this system, including your heart. That means that the smoke you inhale will inadvertently affect your heart. You need to note that there are over four thousand chemicals in a single cigarette, including arsenic and hydrogen cyanide.

Therefore, you expose your heart to all these chemicals when you smoke, and as such, you are likely to develop heart disease. Smokers are five times more likely to die from a heart attack than people who do not smoke. Also, smokers are six times more likely to suffer from a stroke than people who do not smoke.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Smoking will adversely irreversibly affect your lungs. In other words, smoking causes so much damage to your lungs that doctors cannot reverse the damage. The only remedy left would be to prevent further damage by quitting your addiction to smoking. Some of the conditions that could develop in your lungs due to smoking include bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. Some researchers are quick to point out that eight out of every ten people who have lung cancer developed it due to their smoking habits.

Quit For The Sake Of Those around You

Smoking is not only harmful to you, but it is also detrimental to those who are around you. That includes your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. You need to note that second-hand smoke can lead to heart disease and lung cancer in second-hand smokers and cause low birth weight in pregnant women. The most disheartening fact is that children account for thirty-one percent of all deaths that result from second-hand smoking. It is also sad to note that children who grow up around adults who smoke are twice as likely to start smoking than children who grew up with adults who do not smoke.

Save Up Your Money for a Better Cause

Smoking does not affect your health alone. It also affects many aspects of your life. More specifically, smoking affects your financial status and your productivity at work. For example, every smoker uses up more than seven thousand cigarettes a year on average. That amounts to thousands of dollars you can spend on other useful causes such as tuition fees, a donation to a charity, or a gift for a friend.

Besides, smoking takes up a lot of your time because you have to buy a cigarette, search for a lighter, look for a place to smoke, and then smoke. You waste a lot of time smoking when you can put all that effort into making more money by improving your performance at work or in your business.

These are all reasons for you to quit smoking now. As you can see, these reasons are valid and quite convincing. Therefore, you should put in as much effort as is necessary for you to quit smoking. For example, you can turn to hypnosis, among other methods such as nicotine patches and therapy, for you to quit smoking now. Do it today. Do it now. I hope this has helped answer the question, how to quit smoking now.

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