The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking Book Review

Our mind is a powerful tool and we barely tap into this amazing source, but we allow ourselves to be “brain washed” by the thousands of TV commercials telling us to “eat this” or “buy that”. Allen Carr knows how to unleash this power within, and will teach you how to re-program your thinking patterns, and use your mind as the most effective aid to quit smoking with this revolutionary technique.

Within the pages of this book, you will be taught how to deal with the fear of quitting smoking and saying that final goodbye to the poison that you called “friend”.

allencarrbookAllen Carr, a former accountant and the author of this, and other published books, used to smoke an average of 5 packs of cigarettes per day (this is about $1,500 a month up in smoke) before he quit the habit. Sadly, Carr was diagnosis with and died in 2006 from lung cancer, even though he quit many years before the diagnosis. He remained firm to his cause to the end, and was grateful for the opportunity to help more than 10 million smokers become healthy non-smokers.

Although this book can help any gender, this book specifically address issues that are unique to women, and does so without being judgmental,the use statistics or scare tactics.

It is recommended that you read (and reread) this book slowly, absorbing the information, and yes, if you desire, you may smoke while reading (unlike other quit smoking aids, such as nicotine replacement therapy, where you need to stop smoking immediately).


By transforming your thinking, quitting smoking is easy and weight gain, cravings and irritability, due to smoking cessation are a thing of the past. We are all born NON SMOKERS, and this book guides us and brings us back to the place of thinking like a non-smoker. Being a non-smoker is natural state of mind, smoking is not.

This is a “must” give for every smoker (especially ladies) on your holiday shopping list – give them the gift of good health and a wallet full of money (depending on how much a person smokesor used to smoke).