5 Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

5 Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

Don’t smokers understand that cigarette smoking is the number one killer in America? Don’t they know that they dramatically increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure when they smoke? Those are the questions that most non-smokers ask themselves. The truth is, most smokers do understand the risk that comes with smoking.

 They also understand the enormous financial toll of smoking with a pack of 20 cigarettes averagely costing $10. But why do millions still smoke even after knowing the danger they are exposing themselves in? The main reason is that cigarettes contain nicotine, that is highly addictive. Smoking also provides psychological comfort to some people, which is why it is tough to quit smoking. 

Although it is hard, it is very possible to quit smoking. The main reason smokers are not able to stop is that there are no quality tools, systems, or programs that can help smokers quit. Below are 5 Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

1. Start with a stop smoking plan

Choose a special day to quit smoking. Having a specific day in mind is very important because it will help you stick to your goals. When choosing for a day, make sure you select a day that will give you enough time to plan for it but not enough time to talk yourself out of it. Do not quit smoking during the holiday or when you expect to have a lot of stress. In the days leading to your quit smoking day, start cutting on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. Also, look for straws, toothpicks, sugarless gum, and carrot stick to act as substitutes.

2. Seek help and support

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your plan to quit smoking and ask for their support. Having someone to talk to is vital because they will help you during low moments. Ask those who still smoke not to smoke around you because they may easily tempt you to smoke. If possible, find a smoking cessation program or a support group. There are many groups, like the American Lung Association, that help you to quit smoking.

3. Make your quitting day special

On this date, get rid of ashtrays, lighters, tobacco products, and anything else associated with smoking or using tobacco. Do not even think of smoking, not even a puff. Plan to stay busy all day by going for a walk or going for a picnic with your family. Only visit places where smoking is not allowed, like the library. Also, eat food that you don’t usually eat and take routes that you don’t normally choose to help you avoid your usual behavior pattern.

4. Prepare to deal with withdrawal symptoms

Be ready to confront the withdrawal symptoms that will come days after quitting smoking. You find yourself coming up with reasons that even don’t make sense when you are in the middle of a craving. You will find yourself having thoughts like,’’ just one cigarette to help me get through this craving. I will altogether quit smoking tomorrow’’. You must be strong and always ignore any thought that can tempt you to smoke.

5. Maintain your resolve

Make sure you stick with your plan, no matter the challenges you will experience. Whenever you feel that your resolve is weakening, just remind yourself of all the benefits of not smoking. Avoid drinking alcohol because it is more likely to make you slide back to smoking. Also, eat a healthy diet to help keep your mind off cravings. Reward yourself by buying something special with the money that you could have used to buy cigarettes. If you slip by any chance, quickly regain control, and rededicate yourself.

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